Field Experiences are one of the four core tenets of our program.  Central Lakes Adventure School believes that students learn best when given the opportunity to immerse themselves in an experience.  Within each six week themed session, students will go to locations that show relationship to the theme topic.  One day almost every week is dedicated to being off campus as a school. CLAS also invites guest speakers to share their expertise in the theme students are learning about. Videos and books are great, but we think going there is even better!

At the end of every six week session, there is an opportunity for students to participate in a "Big Trip" as a culminating experience of everything they have learned.  These are often 3-4 days in length and a visit to a college, technical program, or another charter school is part of the experience.  Going on an overnight is a powerful school community building activity, and no student has come back regretting the trip!

2022 "Big Trip" to the North Shore


2021 "Big Trip" to South Dakota