Guiding Principles

Pillager Area Charter School Mission Statement:

Pillager Area Charter School will educate students by building relationships with students, families, community and Mother Earth. Students will become stewards of the environment as responsible, actively involved citizens.



Guiding Principles:

Experiential Learning- PACS believes we learn by doing and is focused on providing an educational setting where learning through inquiry and burning questions drive the student’s natural intrinsic desire to learn and answer those questions. This will help the student as a life long learner become competent in many areas of learning.

Environmental Focus- Through hands-on, active learning opportunities, students will be challenged to strive towards environmental literacy so that they can make informed decisions about how their choices are affecting the environment and those around them. By becoming informed about the interaction between natural and social systems, students can understand the importance of being good stewards of the environment and seek a more sustainable lifestyle.

Relationships- PACS believes that relationships are important to student success and that ALL students are important and valued and we will not give up on anyone. Relationships are every where in the form of interaction, which includes interaction with nature. Therefore, we have high expectations of trust, decency, fairness, tolerance and care of people, places and our planet. Each person is expected to evaluate how their actions affect the world around them.