Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we often get asked! We welcome more questions and hope you find some good answers here.

Are you part of the public school?

YES and NO! We are not affiliated with any local traditional public school. Charter schools ARE public schools, and we are not only our own school, but technically our own district as well. There is no tuition to attend, if we have space, you can join us!

Is this where kids go that get kicked out of other schools?

We are an OPTION that was chosen by you! We openly enroll any student that is 7-12 grade, if space is available. Our innovative programming is often a better choice for certain types of learners. If you get to choose your own doctor or dentist, why not choose your own school?

How many kids go to Central Lakes Adventure School?

Our current enrollment is capped at 55 students, and we pride ourselves on having a ratio of approximately one teacher per ten students. We are small, but mighty! There are less than 15 students per Advisor and there is also a Special Education Teacher for students on an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

If I graduate from Central Lakes Adventure School, will I get a diploma that “counts”?

YES! We are a MN public school that holds a contract with an Authorizer, in our case, Osprey Wilds, who facilitates oversight and management to ensure CLAS is:

  • Maintaining fidelity to its Mission and Vision in education
  • Compliant with all reporting requirements to the MN Department of Education

For more information, follow the link on the Minnesota Department of Education website:

If I go to Central Lakes Adventure School can I still do PSEO?

YES! See Our PSEO tab under the Program heading on the website.

Is there homework and tests at Central Lakes Adventure School?

YES and NO!

Our Guiding Principles center on learning that is relevant and applicable to every-day life. If you show up daily and put forth effort in: Project, Field Experiences, Restorative Circle, and Service Learning, you will maintain your graduation date. We don’t believe that homework is a practice or skill that transfers to the future workplace, and have it as an option for catching up or working ahead.

Assessments at CLAS are much the same at the local and state level as many other schools. Locally, we do NWEA-MAP testing three times a year, and participate in the statewide annual MCA test. Juniors and Seniors are offered ACT, SAT, Accuplacer and/or ASVAB. Our other forms of assessment are in project completion which teachers cooperatively plan to address MN State Standards of learning at every grade level and subject area just like other traditional public schools.

Can I go to Central Lakes Adventure School if I am behind in credits?


We are not a credit recovery program, but we pride ourselves in meeting each of you where you are when you arrive. We accept the credits you did earn, and then your Advisor works with you to come up with an individualized plan to get back on track!

How does the school work with such a small staff?

First and foremost, Central Lakes Adventure School works so well with so little because we are a family. This includes your students! Everyone here, no matter what their role, is seen as an equal and treated with dignity and respect.

Central Lakes Adventure School, like many other Charter Schools, doesn't really have a “district office”. We are our OWN school district…..4080-07 to be exact! This means we need to contract for services like professional development, teacher licensing, Student Support Services (like occupational therapy, speech therapy, and many more), compliance with the Minnesota Department of Education, financial management, and our school’s contract just to name a few! To learn about the relationships we keep and who they are, find out more under the Relationships tab.