A Day at Central Lakes Adventure School

At CLAS every day is different!

Check In: This part of each day is crucial. Checking In at Morning Advisory sets the tone for the day. This is when schedules and daily plans are built, and goals are set!

Core Classes: We spend a certain amount of time in the core subject areas determined by what your student needs.  Advisors plan direct instruction opportunities and then supplement some practice using programs like IXL, ExactPath, Khan Academy, Generation eSports, Banzai and others; and the rest of the credit is found everywhere else! Our creative staff collaborate tirelessly to create opportunities that hit all of the MN K-12 Academic Standards.

Electives: Choices here are based on what the students want, and some Advisor talent areas as well. Crowd favorites include volleyball, wood working, shop, canoeing, yard games, fishing, painting, and many seasonal activities.

Tenets of CLAS: At Central Lakes Adventure School there are some non-negotiables in our program. Positive participation in these elements of our program is required to maintain pace for graduation -Field Experiences, Project, Sacred Circle, and Service Learning. Learn more about these in their own tabs!

Advisory: By making the time to conference one-on-one, each student and their Advisor has an opportunity to discuss challenges and successes from the previous days and weeks, and create a plan with a short term and long term goals. This ensures that students are aware of their progress and know how to set their goals.

Sacred Circle: As a school that focuses on conflict resolution through the use of Restorative Circles, it is important to put practice into reality. We meet every Wednesday after lunch, including every staff or guest on site. The circle takes as long as it takes to be complete for the week.

Service Learning: Every week a different group is assigned to a location in the community to give Service as their learning. If a student is not out on rotation, their Service is to the school. We think it is valuable to take care of your personal environment just as much as the world around us.

Project: The six sessions of the school year follow a rotation of Themes. Each Theme has a Driving Question we seek to answer through creative projects and field experiences. Students show their skill competency through the Project they complete.

Field Experiences:  One day each week is set aside to experience things off campus that answer the driving questions of our themes.  We try to go somewhere, or we will get speakers and guests to come to us.

Check Out: The culmination of the day, this is when the Student and Advisor take a glance at the schedule and conference briefly on the goals set that morning. A quick reflection is done, and then
the day is complete!