The monthly schedule at Central Lakes Adventure School varies from some of the local area school districts. Our school year is broken up into Sessions that typically last around 6 weeks, and culminate with a Project Day for sharing.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Each Session is a Theme….
  • Each Theme has a Driving Question….
  • Driving Questions have Supporting Questions….
  • Supporting Questions need Answers….
  • Answers are found by doing Projects!

Our Sessions run on a three year rotating cycle, and each semester (3 Sessions) has an overarching concentration.

At the end of each Session, we do a “Check In Day” with students, and invite parents/guardians and the public to see the showcase of projects that students have completed over the course of the six weeks.

Every Session offers a Trip! Yes, you read that right!
We go on trips every week with our field experiences, usually Fridays, but these are the Big Ones. Most trips last 3-4 days and are Theme related. Activities and experiences are tied to the Theme, and we also try to include a college/university tour as well. These are overnights, and students earn even MORE credit than if they were in school the whole day. At the end of the year we plan a BIG TRIP lasting typically 5-7 days, and may even take us out of state!